Woodside's Sustainable Exhibition Stand

The team modified existing components to build an exhibition stand for Woodside to showcase their brand at the APPEA 2016 Conference and Exhibition - Oil and Gas Conference & Exhibition - Brisbane 5-8 June 2016.


With the main theme of this year's display being the environment and how Woodside use sustainable and conscientious practices in the areas they carry out work to reduce the impact on the environment, the Concept Craft team set about modifying existing elements to incorporate more digital content, customer engagement points and illumination.

Challenges & Solutions

Modifying existing components is always a challenge and in many instances it's more expensive and time consuming than starting from scratch, but with the environmental theme of the highest priority, the team altered as many elements as possible.

The addition of a barista station posed a challenge as a void was required under the floor for the connection of the services. Our solution was to custom fabricate cross shaped packers at the required thickness, this way offcuts of timber and board could be used. This resulted in a reduction in waste, increasing the efficiency of packing and reducing transportation space/costs.

Increasing the floor height had a knock on effect on the ramp edging as the existing standard ramp edging was no longer usable and to meet Australian standards a custom solution had to be fabricated. As this had a non-slip paint finish we could again utilise offcuts and different coloured materials to reduce the environmental impact.


The vibrant and engaging exhibition stand won best in show at APPEA 2016 and the client was thrilled with the result.