Sennheiser Retail Display Pods

The Concept Craft team manufactured a distinctive display to showcase Sennheiser headphones across multiple retail stores. The functional stand incorporated many clever design solutions to manage cables and display the products in the most engaging and effective way possible.


Our client and long term partner POPOLOGY came to us with a distinctive design to display a new Sennheiser headphone product in multiple stores. It would utilise new technologies and design features to engage customers with the product and experience its quality of sound.

Challenges & Solutions

The challenge was to ensure that the stand worked in tandem with the product and the technology on display. Spacing was a critical factor, which was considered before initial prototype production, ensuring all the technology to run the display was compact yet accessible. The management of cables was carefully considered to ensure the product was both user friendly and aesthetically pleasing.


Our client was very happy with the functional customer engagement product that was then rolled out across stores nationwide. The cable management solution that we designed using heat shrink, clever design alterations and gravity, was a great success. Sennheiser are now planning to integrate our solution across their existing displays and use this model in all future products.