The Spirit of Anzac Centenary Experience

The Spirit of Anzac Centenary Experience is a traveling exhibition that tells the story of Australia's involvement in the First World War, and the ensuing Century of Service of Australia's armed forces in all wars, conflicts and peacekeeping operations in which Australia has been involved.


Our client required the build and production of a touring museum exhibition with a floor space of over 1,250sqm, with additional Welcome and Community areas, that would visit 23 locations across Australia within an eighteen month period.

The brief was to create a set that would be easy to assemble, quick to dismantle and robust enough to survive its multi venue trip.

Challenges & Solutions

We ensured that the components we fabricated were done in the most efficient way possible to support the need to pack everything up, move it and unpack. Taking such a large set on tour can incur large transport costs, so space is of a premium. We ensured that all the elements we built, everything needed for the set, fitted into 10 x B double trucks.

We found solutions at every turn to integrate over 200 Australian war memorial artefacts into the set. With so many factors to consider such as security, temperature and humidity, this was a complex process.

Our team consulted with the client across the entire design process, ensuring the designs considered all manufacturing, production and transport factors. Communication with suppliers and service providers ensured project milestones were achieved as required under our brief.


The experience and knowledge of our team ensured this project was a  major success. An engaging, high quality touring show piece was delivered on time, exceeding our client's expectations.