Harley-Davidson Custom Shop Trailer

The Concept Craft team converted a semi-trailer into a fully functional touring store for iconic brand, Harley-Davidson, complete with secured product display areas to showcase their range of accessories and custom upgrades available to customers.


The 'custom shop' trailer was to be fully customised, starting with an empty shell of a refrigerated trailer to craft a unique environment, complete with retail fittings that complemented Harley-Davidson dealerships. As a touring asset, Concept Craft were required to consider design aspects such as insulation, air conditioning, recessed electronic sun shades, video, lighting, electrical and audio systems, custom staircases and under carriage storage.

Challenges & Solutions

The main challenge with this complex project was the mounting of the client's products. Mounting rigid products to a moving structure is a difficult process with a number of factors needing careful consideration. As the products would remain in-situ whilst the vehicle was in transit all mounts had to be custom fabricated with rubber grommets to absorb movement and keep all items locked in place. The same was required of the internal cladding and retail display panels.

The space also had to be customer-friendly and cope with all weather conditions it would experience, so we fitted an internal climate control system. We also integrated AV equipment to enhance the customer's experience.


We created a spectacular trailer that has been touring the country at various events for over six years with over 100,000kms on its clock. Everything is still functional, customers are continually surprised at its scope and look forward to seeing it at events year on year.