Blackmagic Design @ SMPTE

An Australian owned company that develop, design, and manufacture digital movie cameras along with video editing software.


One of our trusted partners Element Design, approached Concept Craft way back in 2015 with a new idea intended to update the Exhibition Display styling for this respected company. We built a smaller version of this in 2016, which the CEO was happy enough with to then begin utilising internationally.

Challenges & Solutions

For such a prominent structure and for the amount of weight that it had to support, we had to ensure and convince our client that height limitations needed to be considered as well as certain structural methods of support to be built in to the internals (hidden from public view). Concept craft needed to make our job during install as smooth as possible which our team of 15 installers managed with confidence and efficiency.


The result garnered much appraisal during install and the SMPTE event, with many customers actually commenting on the "retail" feel and environment that had been created.

The intention to convince Blackmagic that a new design would bring them very much more up to date with exhibiting globally, enticing customers and giving a better ROI was realized with this new styling.