Quality is our middle name.

Our facilities at Rydalmere and Silverwater in Sydney, and Coburg North in Melbourne comprise over 4,000sqm of space, where we manufacture, store and manage custom projects.

We are in a unique position in the industry as we offer a total solution with manufacturing done in house, saving you time, money and hassle!

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Project management
From planning right through to execution, you have your own Account Manager to deal with. They help plan, organise, communicate and manage the internal resources required to deliver on your timelines. They are your go-to resource and will set your mind at ease.

Our specialist team of graphics professionals can produce high quality imagery onto an array of different surfaces, from vinyl decals to fabric walls. There has never been so many options when it comes to displaying your branding in clever and imaginative ways.

Technical drawing/design
Whether it be the design of a tradeshow stand or technical drawings of the marquee fitout for engineers to follow, we have savvy professionals who know how to communicate using this visual language.

Every element is carefully designed and constructed by professionals with eons of experience, all in our own factory. Our processes have been tried and tested and our clients trust us because what we produce time after time is the highest quality.

We have a range of talented craftsmen in our workshop including carpenters who slice, carve, whittle and sculpt wood into tradeshow stands, brand activations and retail displays. They're a competitive bunch, always aiming to outstrip each other!

Our machines can bend and twist the hardest of alloys with a flick of the wrist. Creating bespoke metal pieces to integrate into events and exhibitions is a seamless process as we have the most advanced machinery and talented guys in our workshop.

CNC machining
The greatest machine in the world, according to our CNC operator. We can design, set and cut a variety of materials based on computer design with our technically-elite automated machines. It's accurate, effective and fast.

Choosing the right facility to store your tradeshow stand or bespoke event furniture is critical. Storing custom pieces is a cost effective and green way to do business. Talk to us today about our onsite options. Plus, we'll manage the transport to your next event!

Moving a stand from here to Timbuktu? No worries, we can manage the entire logistics process from quoting, booking, domestic or international freight/transport, warehousing, delivery and installation. We've got you covered.

Trusted by clients to deliver the highest quality work: