Rob Berger is the Founder and Managing Director of Concept Craft. His philosophy is the real deal. It's how he believes business should be run and underlines why everything produced at Concept Craft is of the highest quality.

1. No B.S

The term is real. They won't bore you with industry jargon or overcomplicate our pricing. They will tell you simply if your idea isn't going to work and will provide solutions or modifications to make your idea the very best it can be. There is no B.S.

2. We love what we do

People rarely succeed at anything unless they have fun doing it. Which is why we absolutely love what we do. We have fun and we laugh...a lot.

3. Imagination, intelligence and persistence

You will find these key attributes in all of our team members. Albert Einstein said "imagination is more important than knowledge" and we agree. The events industry is a creative world and our honest pragmatism enables our clients to realise the spectacular end results.

4. We're proud of every piece

Every single element that is produced by Concept Craft is something we are proud of. We take pride in what comes out of our factory. There are no shonky jobs here. Everything is finished to the highest quality.

Sustainable Stand

The team modified existing components to build an exhibition stand for Woodside to showcase their brand at the APPEA 2016 Conference and Exhibition.

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The Team

Concept Craft is a team of highly experienced and talented professionals - NO BULL just great service.

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Concept Craft are on the lookout for Skilled Tradesmen and Apprentices. If you are looking for a career or an apprenticeship, contact us.

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