Bringing your creative idea to life!

So you’ve got an idea…brilliant! But what comes next?

This blog post outlines the process, of what the Concept Craft team do when they hear about your brilliant idea, through to delivering the final product, whether that be an exhibition stand, brand activation, retails POS display or other custom project.

Step 1: Absorb and refine

A Project Manager will take your idea and work out how to best bring it to life. They start by reviewing the business objective for the project:

  • Is the tradeshow stand required to draw people’s attention, or convey a specific message?
  • Is the retail POS display going to be used Australia wide to attract customers to key features of a new product?
  • Will the chalet need fitting out to host a board meeting with international guests in attendance?

Answering these major objectives at the beginning of the project lifecycle ensures the team all have their eyes on the same goal.

To bring your brilliant idea to life, the finer details are then nutted out; the dimensions, materials required, skills required, logistics, final location, site specifications, timeframe, costs or budget and potential reuse of elements.

Step 2: Materials

We’ve got partners all over the world who we source materials from. We recommend materials that are not only cost-effective but also where possible provide sustainable solutions and ultimately suit the desired purpose. So whether you want a bamboo floor or a gold leaf glass mosaic wall or a copper frame or a steel POS display, we can source the best materials to create a custom project for you.

Step 3: Manufacturing

We won’t produce something that we aren’t proud of. That’s why our facility located at Melrose Park in Sydney comprises over 8,000sqm of space, where we manufacture, store and manage all of our custom projects. With all manufacturing done in house, we offer a total solution for clients, speeding up the process and saving our clients’ money.

Our onsite services include all forms of manufacturing, joinery, metalwork, CNC machining, logistics and storage. Our craftsmen are passionate about what they do, and our factory is always a hive of activity.

Step 4: Finishing

Quality is our bread and butter. We take the utmost care to finish every piece that we manufacture, and we strongly believe that we are an extension of your team. You won’t find chips, scratches, bumps or lumps on our finished products.

Step 5: Transport/logistics

Our team is strong…and not afraid to get their guns out when the suns out. We can move anything, anywhere, anytime. Need to send it internationally? No problem, we have global partnerships in place for international transportation.

So, when you’ve got what seems like a crazy, brilliant idea and don’t know what to do with it; our team at Concept Craft can bring it to life and we will help to get the wheels in motion. Together we’re an unstoppable force!

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