Stand build, chalets, pavilions & interior fittings, AV, Graphics, Logistics & Warehousing

Through vanguard designs (yours or ours) combined with our flexible building solutions, we help you give your exhibit or space the identity and strength it needs to better represent and showcase your brand and product while creating that unique environment that is developed with the stamp of your company in mind to achieve beauty that catches the eye, delivers impact and offers functionality that sells.

Because Concept Craft is a "1-stop-shop" you have the peace of mind of knowing that information is not lost between you, us and other vendors or sub-contractors. To "budget" and "green" conscious companies, we offer storage in our own warehouse giving them the opportunity to offset the initial cost of building by being able to reuse an exhibit while being kind to the environment.

Event Launches, Retail & Point of Sale

A product launch is one of the most important events a company can host and as such, needs thorough planning, detailed quality control and outstanding project management. Concept Craft ensures complete control of every aspect of your event making sure everything is exactly as you wish. We produce what is needed to deliver outstanding results here in Australia and anywhere in the world.

Equally important are retail and POS displays and as an extension of our primary custom stand building, we have become specialised in developing unique and compelling retail and point of sale displays in any type of material. We work together with our clients and vendors to design and build prototypes and manufacture displays that best showcase products to potential customers.

Concept Craft - Exhibition & Event Services

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